Setting Up a Group for Your Class

Groups on TheNextBigWriter can be used to set up a private learning environment for a middle-school, high-school, or university class. They offer the following advantages for educators:

A private learning environment. Classes can be set to private and also non-visible, which means they will not be listed on TheNextBigWriter site. Only those members that know of the Group will be able to access it.

A dedicated forum. Every group comes with a dedicated forum which can be used to post assignments, lesson plans, and interact with the class.

A dedicated content posting area. Individuals can post just to the Group and only those members of the group will be able to view the content.

In-line editing tool. Every member of the group can have access to the site's sophisticated in-line editing tool. This tool allows educators as well as classmates to mark-up posted content and then have a dialogue around those mark-ups.

Social networking tools to keep students motivated. Keep your students engaged by giving them the best publishing and editing tools combined with social networking functionality. This not only teaches them how to write but keeps them engaged and excited using a cutting-edge publishing and e-learning platform.

Access to a Points System. The points system helps ensure that only those members who contribute feedback to others can also post on the site. Use the points system in your group and set up an environment where students are reading and critiquing each other in a dynamic environment.

Free. There is no cost for setting up a group and for having your students join, post, and provide feedback. To use the in-line editing tools and the points system students will have to upgrade to Premium Membership.

How to Start a Group

Setting up a group is easy. To begin, go to the Groups link on the main menu and then select Create Group. Follow the steps to create your group. Additional information on creating and using groups can be found here.

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