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As an author faced with progressively failing eyesight, I have indeed weathered many storms, some that even produced near crippling self-doubt and depression at times...

Therefore, I created this group.

While this group is for anyone, it’s basically intended to lift the spirits of writers who consider themselves disabled, poor in spirit, or feel inadequate in their abilities toward writing—or anything. Are you, or do you know of someone, who's facing a physical, mental or spiritual battle of some sort? If able, may I encourage you to make it 'useful' somehow? Do you have a weakness—gift—that can be perfected within you by passing it onto someone else here? Let us simply magnify God's glory, and watch what He can do with it. See your struggle as an opportunity to extend your love and kindness; and learn from God—the One Who loves you.

You have come to the place where we are to encourage one another, not only by offering helpful writing tips, advice and/or suggestions, but lifting one another by encouragement, even prayer. No debates of any sort, please.

We know (most of us do) that merely penning our heart’s thoughts down on paper serves as a relief from life's woes. Imagine then, the wonderment we could pen in order to escape from our struggles for a while.

God has given each of us a gift—let’s not allow the fear of limitation thwart our path.

Success = Never say, Can't


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