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I know that Sol, God bless him, doesn't want a public morass of socio-political hostility on the above-the-fold front page forums anymore (it used to get a bit heated around here years ago and I wasn't exactly innocent) but I'm tip-toeing into potential trouble because I think the vast majority of wannabe authors like us can be trusted to behave like thoughtful adults and avoid losing our bearings whilst engaging in zesty conversation. A free exchange of ideas and ideals and perspectives and passions is, in my mind, grist for any fictioneer's mill. So, as long as I consider this to be a small bipartisan tight-knit community of starving artists; if anybody here is itching to bitch or sell a pitch, give a speech or put their particular perversions out there for public consumption.... I, John Hamler; TNBW Bishop Emeritus, am ready and willing to moderate and celebrate (or, indeed, excoriate and excommunicate) any and all who wish to participate.

This could be something. And it should be existentially illuminating. Or it could be nothing and thus immediately eliminated. I don't actually know how this is all supposed to work..

Anyway, I'm taking applications as of.... NOW





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