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Topic: What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Writing

No one ever said the writing was easy. True, there are good and bad days when it comes to making progress. Personally I am a slow writer.  I think everything over ten fold before actually adding it into my story.

However, when the infamous writers block strikes it makes writing a paragraph feel like summiting Everest.

Here are a few tips that I wish I could have grasped sooner rather than later in the writing world.

-Never beat yourself up for not meeting your writing goals.
Life happens, we lose interest and inspiration. Step away and come back to your work when you're ready.

Write because you like to write, granted not everything is a going to best seller and it takes discipline and continued effort to improve your writing; but if you enjoy the story, who cares what others think.  Odds are your doubts are in your head and others will enjoy your work!

-Ask for help from other writers and readers not your friends and family.
Humans take things more to heart when it comes from people that are closest to us and many of those people will not give you approbate feedback. Then we feel butthurt and stop writing. <DON'T DO THAT>  If someone one close wants to read your writing let them, but if they don't give good feedback. Don't ask for it.

-Find creative ways to get your ideas out!
Use voice memos, apps on your phone, picture collages, quotes (please reference if used in your writing), pen and paper, stick notes. Use whatever you have to to keep those ideas saved for when you can't add them ATM to your writing. *Make sure you keep those as organized as best you can, your brain will thank you.

-Be Patient with yourself!
It can take years or decades for some writers to create their story, others can do it in a week or even a weekend. Be gentle swithyourself and remember that story building is supposed to be rewarding not demoralizing.